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Are actor and professional athletes paid to much?

April 27 , 2008 Essay Actor and Professional Athlete Pay Are Actors and Professional Athletes Paid Too Much ? In a world where many children are malnourished and most jobs pay little compensation , I certainly believe that most actors and professional athletes are paid far too much for their services . It is true that most glamorous and respected individuals seen on television , like famous actors and professional athletes are assumed to have the highest paid jobs even though the work that they do isn ‘t the hardest . Most average jobs don ‘t pay nearly as much as glamorous ones and I think it only fair that the money be spread out among individual workers no matter what field of work they are in . Most people assume without checking into the pay charts that professional actors and athletes are the highest paid above all other jobs because of the lifestyles they live , including their expensive homes and cars . A study was done where common people were asked who they thought brought in the highest paid incomes we learn from Salary .com .Most people assumed that the highest paid jobs were given to those who are in high profile related jobs . Dan Malachowski showed a huge amount of curiosity in what people thought about glamorous jobs verses mediocre jobs and he tells us that (2006 , p . 1 ) “We posed the following question to more than 800 people :What jobs do you think are the most and least glamorous ? Salary .com then calculated the median base pay of each job to find out what people cherish more in a job , the glamour , or the money ‘ Most people do assume that glamorous jobs pay more than a janitor or retail cashier where the work is usually harder and seen as less glamorous . I feel that janitor and retail cashiers should be given a huge increase in their salaries where actors and professional athletes should be given less pay so that the money is distributed more evenly so that all employees can have a sufficient amount of money for their everyday living expenses . We also learn from Salary .com that those with the more glamorous jobs receive so much recognition and appeal that most people assume they deserve tremendous paying jobs . Malachowski explains that , “some people have the job that we all envy . Their job is perceived as exciting or alluring , maybe even sexy . Their job is glamorous . Glamorous jobs come with a sort of personal fascination ‘ Professional athletes don ‘t spend nearly as much time at work as average employees . Most athletes work seasonal jobs where they perform their duties according to their playing schedules . Because they are high-profile individuals , their employers pay them excessive amounts of money for their services when they don ‘t need nearly as much to survive and sustain a modest living . Since professional athletes are adored and admired in their glamorous roles , they are highly compensated . In order to start making sure that football and baseball players receive less money for…

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