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character analysis of `the cask of amontillado`

Character analysis of Montresor in `The Cask of Amontillado ‘In the short story , `The Cask of Amontillado ‘ by Edgar Allan Poe ,Montresor is the narrator who confess to someone in the story (the person is not identified ) his crime of murdering a gentleman called Fortunato for insulting him (the kind of insult suffered by him is not mentioned in the story . Readers can understand the character of Montresor as a very cunning , vindictive and dangerous man . He does not forget the insults suffered at the hands of Fortunato and resolves to take revenge . He recounts the story fifty years later without any remorse and sense of conscience . He cleverly plots each step of the murder with only one thing in his mind , revenge . He maintains secrecy .He sets the scene for murder in a house empty of all attendance . He exploits Fortunato ‘s weakness and lures him to his death . He ruthlessly murders his enemy without any qualm . He is seen as a dangerous man who escapes punishment for his crime .In the short story , `The Cask of Amontillado , the narrator plots to murder Fortunato , the connoisseur of wine . The gentleman has incurred `The thousand injuries ‘ which he has tolerated as best as he could but `when he ventured upon insult ‘ narrator vowed to take revenge . His attitude shows that he is a revengeful and vindictive man . Later he tells Fortunato about his family motto : “Nemo me impune lacessit ,which means `No one insults me with impunity . This sentence farther emphasizes the fact that he is unforgiving and ruthless . The way Montresor proudly relates every details of the murder which took place fifty years back , shows his pleasure that he is experiencing in recalling the incident . It suggests a state of mind free of remorse and detached from any sense of conscience .Montresor meticulously plots the murder of Fortunato . He plans every step beforehand . He maintains the secrecy he is hidden behind a black mask and meets the gentleman at dusk . He lures Fortunato in to the vaults beneath his home to taste Amontillado (a type of Sherry ) as he knows that he won ‘t be able to resist the temptation . Tempted by a taste of Amontillado , Fortunato reaches the depth of the catacombs , the place where Montresor wants him to be . Montresor knows how he wants to murder his enemy he tricks Fortunato into stepping into a small recess where he chains him to two staples in the wall and walls him inside .This whole plot shows that Montresor is a dangerous , calculative and cunning man .Montresor does not reveal his true intentions or give threats to Fortunato . He hides his anger under the fazade of a smile . He knows how to manipulate Montresor . He is aware of Fortunato ‘s weakness for good wine and his arrogant nature . He exploits this weakness and repeats the name of his rival Luchresi (makes him spur onward ) to make his plan successful . Montressor uses reverse psychology in the story to trap Fortunato…

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