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COMM 215 W1/DQ1

COMM 215 Essentials of College Writing : Week 1 Discussion Question 1 There are two short writings that I reviewed : first is entitled `Exploring the Past through Multigenre Writing , written by Sirpa Grierson , Amy Anson , and Jacoy Baird (2002 ) at Language Arts Journal the second is entitled `The Faith Factor ‘ written by Nancy Gibbs (2004 )at Time Magazine . After going over them , I realized that point of view differs , not just by the content of their viewpoint , but also by the manner in which they prefer to express or point out their beliefs and opinions . Grierson , Anson , and Baird (2002 ) prefer to use rational and logical statements that are based on strong facts and actual incidents .Gibbs (2004 , on the other hand , would rather use history , politics , and philosophy as its basis . From here , it is evident that point of view is very important when writing editorials or op ed pieces . It is from here that the underlying statement of the whole piece would eventually rise ,which would give way to the supporting statements that would be used in the writing piece . Without point of view , there is nothing to discuss ,and there will be no direction and course for the paper , which would make it vague and formless . Point of view spells what is to be discussed , and what type of statements should be used as well .When I revise a piece of writing , the questions that I ask myself could be one or more of the following (1 ) What does the author want to say (2 ) What types of supporting , underlying statements are available (3 )What is the best method of expressing the major point out of the available statements that would be used (4 ) How do I say it ?It is evident that the types of questions that I could ask myself are those that have something to do with the point of view , the style of writing , and the manner of supporting or proving the author ‘s statements . However , because revisions carry a certain air or point of view of the writer (original and non-original , it is obvious that revisions would also carry with it my point of view . aside from the point of view of the original writer . Writing pieces mirror the sentiments and beliefs of the writer – original and non-original .References Gibbs , N (2004 , June 13 . The faith factor . Time Magazine Online .Retrieved September 7 , 2007 , from HYPERLINK “http /www .time .com /time /magazine /article /0 ,9171 ,50677 ,00 .h tml “http /www .time .com /time /magazine /article /0 ,9171 ,50677 ,00 .ht ml .Grierson , S .T , Anson , A Baird , J (2002 , September . Exploring the past through multigenre writing . Language Arts , 80 , 1 , 51 . PAGE PAGE 1 7-Sep-07…

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