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Comparison/Contrast Life before the Internet versus after the Internet

Life before the Internet versus life after the Internet OUTLINE I . Introduction The internet is one of the most important inventions of man . The internet has revolutionalized how we do our everyday tasks .II . Differences between life before the internet and after the internet . The internet made it easy for people to send letters and files The internet provided free voice calls The internet made doing business globally possible The internet made meeting new people much easy III . Similarities of life before the internet and after the internet The basic needs of man remains the same War among nations still occurs Man ‘s needs for security remains the same .IV . Conclusion The internet made life more easy and doing things more faster nothing can replace the need for “physical presence .The development of the internet is one of the most significant turn of event in human history . It made a great impact on every segment of the society as well as on individuals . The internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives and people can no longer do their daily tasks effectively without it . Some of the significant differences between life before the internet and life after the internet are the speed of communication and the availability of information .Before the internet , communications make use of the postal service ,lined telephone , telegraph , and fax machine . Sending of letters via postal service took several weeks or even months to arrive at its destination . If one were sending a letter to an ailing friend or relative , the mail could have arrived too late for the recipient to be able read it – he or she could have passed away by then . And the situation was even worst before the 20th century . Letters were sent off using ships across great oceans and it took months or even years to arrive , assuming that those ships arrived safely . Today , it only takes seconds to send someone a message in any parts of the Globe . The internet has provided man the ultimate form of letter – the electronic mail . The electronic mail or email for short , make use of the internet in sending off letters and messages . The email arrives at the recipient in just a matter of seconds . Moreover , the internet made it possible for people to attached pictures or files electronically in order to share some memories or wonderful moments .During the early 20th century , man has witnessed the invention of the telephone . Telephone has made the life of most people much easy . People can talk to each other across the Atlantic in real-time . However , the voice quality and reliability of such wired communications were questionable . Wired communications often resulted in interruptions .Calling long distances was also very costly , thus limiting those precious moments one would make with love ones . However , in today ‘s internet world , talking to love ones anywhere in the country or across the country is almost free . Besides paying for the internet connection ,computer to computer calls are absolutely free…

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