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Critique on the essay `Men and Their Hidden Feelings`

Running head : MEN AND THEIR HIDDEN FEELINGS Men and Their Hidden Feelings Name :Course :Lecturer :Date :Men and Their Hidden Feelings In his essay , Men and their Hidden Feelings , Richard Cohen argues that that men have a tendency of concealing their feelings . He cite instances where a man may have a serious problem yet fail to mention it to anyone .In his view , men have no real friends unlike women who value friendship and find it difficult to hide their feelings . According to Cohen , men are taught while still young not to expose their emotions . They simply lack the ability to discuss their feelings and emotions . While I do agree with some of Cohen ‘s position regarding men ‘s inability to expose their feelings , I disagree with the position that it is a learned trait .Men ‘s secretive nature allows them to coexist with women while at the same time enabling them to handle problems of existence . Men are practical beings and their practicality is made possible by their inability to expose their emotions . Men ‘s brains are structured for action . Men are not known to dwell so much on theory , in this case emotional talks . They seek practical solutions to practical problems . A man may have a problem in his relationship with a woman without the woman knowing . As such , men feel it their responsibility to seek practical solution which may involve quiting the relationship altogether . The main problem which accompanies the existence of men is women and this they don ‘t seem to make any progress with regard to handling each other . There is a common notion that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and this is true with regard to how differently they handle their emotions . Women often complain that men are not sensitive or emotional and men always hold that exposing emotions is a show of weakness which is not welcome in a man ‘s world . Even if men were to train on how to express their emotions ,they still would not make it because their nature dictates that they hold their private thoughts to themselves . Cohen , however is of the position that men can still be men even if they exposed their emotions . He seems to deny and oppose his own nature as a man since it is not a deliberate effort by men to conceal their emotions . It is simply how men are . Period . He even recognizes that as much as he feels that sharing his emotions could be the right thing to do , he finds himself bottling it all up . This is the essence of a man ‘s life : protecting oneself . According to Michael French , men ‘s lives revolve around respect and care for fellow men , burying ones pain which includes those caused by women and deflecting judgment (p .1 ) From this ,it is clear that exposing emotions may jeopardize all or any of these themes . If men could share their emotions freely then we would have been living in…

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