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Discuss the relationship between the individual and the community.

The Individual ‘s Interaction with the Community through the Eyes of Kate Chopin Kate Chopin (1851-1904 ) is known to be one of America ‘s modernist writers . A pre-eminent stylist , as what Prof . Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (par . 4 ) would call her , Chopin has mastered the craft of showing different perspectives in society through the use of imagery , lines , and other subtle elements such as short story texture . Chopin successfully showed that reality and appearance are two different things , and that reality in turn depended on individual perspectives . Thus , one character may perceive reality to be such , but another character would show that the former ‘s perspective is not necessarily true . Nevertheless , this gap would only be made apparent upon the awakening of the main character . In this paper , I would show that in Kate Chopin ‘s eyes , the individual ‘s interaction in society moves from a napve or even ignorant assent to society (represented by the other characters ) to an individualistic realization , which in turn , would create a gap between appearance and reality , between the main character and the other characters , between the individual and society . Nevertheless , it is important to remember that such a gap is created not by the individual alone but also through the individual ‘s direct or indirect interaction with society . I will show this movement both in The Story of an Hour and The Storm .The Story of an Hour In The Story of an Hour , Kate Chopin tells us the story of Louise Mallard , the wife of Brently Mallard who just received the news of Brently ‘s demise . Brently was part of the casualties of a recent railroad disaster . His friend , Richards , was the first to hear of the news , who upon the confirmation of the news via a second telegram ,hastened to Louise ‘s house . He first informed Josephine , Louise ‘s sister . This act of Richards speaks of an assumption on his part : that such a news would be disastrous for Louise to hear . He had to make Josephine to hear the news first so that she could help him break the news to Louise as gently as possible . In fact , it was Josephine who ended up breaking the news to Louise , and she did so in broken sentences . Richards and Josephine acted like how other human beings should : a husband is supposed to be the most important person in a wife ‘s life and his death would be a terrible thing .This assumption proves to be what is true for Louise as well , and hence ,in this scene , we see Louise react in a way that is most expected : “She wept at once , with sudden , wild abandonment , in her sister ‘s arms . When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone . She would have no one follow her ‘ She received the news and reacted as fast as she received it . As expected , she cried and probably even wailed in Josephine ‘s arms . And just like any body who…

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