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Running head : THE FALL OF ICARUS AND THE RISE OF WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS The Fall of Icarus and the Rise of William Carlos Williams [name] [professor] [date of submission] [course] The Fall of Icarus and the Rise of William Carlos Williams The story of the fall of Icarus has been echoing ever since its debut that dates back to ancient Greece . Perhaps a major reason for the wide readership of Ovid ‘s masterpiece is that it stimulates many insights and interpretations – that are more often than not , talk about universal notions . The story of Icarus had captured the imagination of a worldwide and generations-wide audience . With that being said , it would not be surprising that other works of art would be riding the wings of influence of Icaru ‘s story . Perhaps the best known work of art that had employed the myth is “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus ‘ by Brueghel .There have been many adaptations of the story of Icarus , but this paper would only focus on two : “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus ‘ by William Carlos Williams and “To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Triumph ‘ by Anne Sexton . On a personal note , I prefer the work of Williams because his version had brought the story of Icarus to higher altitudes .It is indeed ironic that the free verse of Williams holds more unity than the sonnet of Sexton . Although , the poem of Williams was lacking punctuation marks for pauses and a metered structure , it conveys the meaning in a more efficient manner than the poem of Sexton . Williams ‘economic use of words should be considered as the work of Sexton is apparently wordy in contrast to his poem . It was Williams ‘ style of line cutting and spacing that had made his poem look longer . The poem could even be rewritten in just one or two sentences . This eliminates the possibility of an overload of words that a reader could experience in Sexton ‘s poem .To discus the central point of Williams ‘ poem , it would be useful to discuss the literary device employed by the poem . The poem “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus ‘ is considered to be an ecphrastic poem . A poem is considered to be ecphrastic when it is a dramatic portrayal of a visual work of art . The definition is also applicable to other forms of literatures . In the case of Williams ‘ poem , ecphrastis was used as a rhetorical device to communicate the story of Icarus . The term “ecphrastic ‘ works well with Williams ‘ reputation of being an imagist poet . In a profound sense , he had portrayed a visual for of art through an imagist poet ‘s concept of visual . Going back to the central point of the poem , it is safe to say that the central point is just the same as the painting .Considering the title and literary style of Williams , his poem could be considered as a reiteration of the story of Icarus . This claim would be supported by the first line…

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