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Healthy Food and Junk Food

Healthy Food and Junk Food : An Annotated Bibliography Satyanarayana , Anuradha . Children and Junk Food . India Parenting . 13 November 2007 . This article discusses the effects of eating junk food on children ‘s development , health , and behavior . It provides the physiological and psychological effects of junk food eating . The article points out the demise of the traditional value of dining because of the preference for junk food . It cites the common diseases that children may experience later on in their lives out of their habit of eating junk food .Food to Have Sometimes . March 2007 . Better Health Channel . 13 November 2007 . This fact sheet provides information regarding the common ingredients in junk food . It also discusses how these ingredients harm the body when consumed regularly . However , the fact sheet also states that eating junk food occasionally is still healthy . It suggests that the important thing is to eat healthy and natural food regularly and to moderate the intake of junk foods .Bauer , Joy . Can Junk Foods be Good for you ? March 8 , 2007 . Today Show ,MSNBC . 13 November 2007 . This article attempts to show that junk foods will never be good for an individual if taken excessively . With the emergence of healthy junk food , such as whole-grain , low-fat , or low-salt versions of the common types of junk food , Bauer answers the question , “Are these really healthy ‘ Bauer ‘s answer is no . In using the Krispy Kreme Whole Wheat Doughnut as an example , Bauer points out that despite the use of whole wheat , the doughnut has still a large amount of trans fat and still has a high calorie count . Basically , Bauer points out that there are no substitutes for the natural and more nutritious snacks like fruits and vegetables . More importantly , some treats are just meant to be taken occasionally , whatever vitamins , mineral or grains are added to them .Larsen , Joanne . Junk Foods . Ask the Dietitian . 13 November 2007 . This article provides a definition of what junk food really is . Larsen describes junk foods as those that are high in sugar , salt , fat , or calories and have low nutrient content . Larsen states that junk foods usually have empty calories . Some of the common junk food are salted snack foods , candy , most sweet desserts , fried fast food , and carbonated beverages . The article then characterizes each of these . Also , the article lists down ways of how to identify junk food . It emphasizes the need to consult the nutritional label of each food item . It provides suggestions of how to classify foods as junk or not .Koh , Vivienne . The Battle Between Junk Food and Health Food . Ezine Articles . 13 November 2007 . This article describes junk foods . It provides a definition of what junk food really is . It lists down some reasons why junk foods are so popular . It cites the taste , price , and availability as common reasons for its popularity . Koh also identifies the reasons why junk foods should be avoided as much as possible . She points out the health hazards that can result out…

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