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How can the bioethical principles of autonomy, beneficence(Benevolence), and justice be used to explain controversy such as assisted suicide

Running head : PRINCIPLES OF BIOETHICS The Principles of Autonomy , Beneficence , and Justice as Means to Aid in Resolving the Bioethical Issue of Physician Assisted Suicide (student ‘s name (University )The Principles of Autonomy , Beneficence , and Justice as Means to Aid in Resolving the Bioethical Issue of Physician Assisted Suicide The issue of physician assisted suicide (PAS ) has been a hotly debated issue in the field of Biomedical Ethics . But before further discussion ,it would be important to understand what we mean by PAS first . It should be noted that PAS is distinct from euthanasia . PAS , as the term “suicide ‘ denotes , refers to death ultimately resulting from the action of the patient . This means that the participation of the physician is limited to probably the giving out of prescription , but the final administering of the lethal dose is done by the patient (Braddock ,1998 . In euthanasia , the physician herself administers the lethal drug which would directly cause the death of the patient . Euthanasia has been a controversy for a very long time now . PAS is equally ethically controversial . The issues surrounding PAS are many and varied . Some of the issues imposed on PAS would be the lack of faithfulness of the physician to her oath (The Hippocratic Oath states the following : “I will not administer poison to anyone where asked the lack of respect for the dignity of human life and the inhumanity of actively participating in the act of killing oneself (i .e , suicide ) as opposed to merely letting one die which may be justified according to certain situations . The counter ethical issues brought forth for PAS would be the respect for the individual ‘s right to decide for herself and compassion for the unbearable suffering of the patient . These ethical issues imposed on physician assisted suicide are obviously difficult to grapple with , as the different nations in the world have taken sides with one or two of these issues . Most nations probably think that physician assisted suicide is unethical and as such is criminalized or at least falls under one of the crimes . Few nations accept this procedure as ethically and legally acceptable . In most of the states in America , as in many other countries in the world , PAS is illegal . Oregon is probably the only state so far that legalized PAS . Oregon ‘s Death With Dignity Act allows adult terminally-ill Oregonians to have access to PAS . The criteria would be residency , age of majority , the capacity to decide and communicate on healthcare decisions by oneself , and terminal illness with a life-span of six months or less . Some European countries have their own version of physician assisted suicide . Belgium , Denmark , Switzerland , and the Netherlands are the four European countries that are known to PAS . The Netherlands by far seems most established in the business of physician assisted suicide though Switzerland has the most number of physician assisted deaths , according to a study made by van der Heide et al . in 2003 . In the Netherlands , PAS will remain illegal not…

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