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How does manipulation of language in the media affect the way people in this country behave

Name Professor Subject Date Manipulative Media Introduction Far beyond providing leisure and entertainment , mass media ‘s value and importance can be observed on its ability to deliver or disseminate highly relevant and socially-significant information . Other than books and scholarly works , mass media perform the role of an overtly accessible library that is carefully designed to meet the public ‘s information needs and demands . Various forms of mass media such as newspapers , magazines , radio and television enabled mankind to gain insights within the comfort of their homes . But with the emergence of the World Wide Web , accessing and spreading information have never been this easy . A simple click can generate tons and tons of data and statistics . Indeed , mass media have readily conquered the world .Nowadays , it seemed that media outfits and institutions have transformed into what Habermas referred to as the so-called “public sphere (qtd in Davies 3 ‘ However , a closer examination of the matter clearly shows that mass media ‘s functions extend beyond providing information . It cannot be denied that media outfits are one of the most influential and powerful institutions in any given society . It is highly capable of shaping the public ‘s views and opinions . Likewise , media channels can instigate or prompt mass actions . For so many years , exposes and published investigative reports have been very instrumental in raising the public ‘s awareness which eventually lead to different types of social movements . Indeed , constant exposure to different media content can alter one ‘s behaviors and attitudes .But…

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