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how the blood flow throught the heart

Running Head : HOW THE BLOOD FLOW THROUGH THE HEART ?How the Blood Flow through the Heart ?[Author] [University] How the Blood Flow through the Heart ?Heart is described as a muscular organ which main function is to pump the blood through the vessels . This process is repeatedly done by the heart with consistent rhythmic contractions . The word cardiac pertains to any related process or activity which concerns the heart . It comes from the Greek term kardia which means heart . It is made up of a spontaneous tissue called cardiac muscle which is only contained by this organ . The human heart beat has an average of 72 BPM and will beat just about 2 .5 billion times all through a natural life spanning 66 years .The heart is typically placed midway of the thorax with the major component of the heart to some extent counterbalance to the left . The heart is generally felt to beat on the left side primarily because the left ventricle is stronger than the right one making the blood flow throughout all the body parts . For this reason , the right lung is bigger than the left lung because the heart is more inclined in the left hemithorax . The heart is encircled by the pericardium or a sac and is enclosed by the lungs . It is composed of two parts . The first one is the fibrous pericardium which is made of thick fibrous connective tissue .The second one is called the serous pericardium , a twofold membrane composition which has a serous juice to lessen abrasion during heart tightening .The heart has four valves which aids in the blood flow throughout the body with only one direction . The healthy valves operate in an open-and-close activity in order to support the pumping of the heart ‘s atria and ventricles . All valves have their own set of flails also known as cusps or leaflets . These flails open and shut the valves . This permits pumped blood to move across the compartments and into the blood vessels without returning back or pouring rearward .Blood exclusive of oxygen commencing the two vena cavae fill up the right atrium of the heart . The atrium would then pass through series of contractions called as the atrial systole . The tricuspid valve found amid the right ventricle and atrium unlocks for a short period and then closes . This lets the blood go into into the right ventricle with no pouring backside into the right atrium .Upon the blood fills the heart ‘s right ventricle , it starts to contract again known as ventricular systole . The pulmonary valve placed amid the right ventricle of the heart and the pulmonary artery opens and shuts rapidly . This lets blood to go into the pulmonary artery without pouring back into the other side . This is significant in such a way that the right ventricle starts to replenish or restore with further blood towards the tricuspid valve . Afterwards , the blood will travel across the pulmonary arteries toward the lungs to take up oxygen .The…

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