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Never Let me go analytical essay

Literary Analysis of Kazuo Ishiguro ‘s Never Let Me Go Never Let Me Go in a Glance The novel revolves around the lives of the three main characters-Kathy ,Tommy and Ruth-as they struggle to piece together the shattered remains of their past . Their story is narrated by Kathy as she brings to memory the events of their childhood at Hailsham in England toward the latter end of 1990 . Hailsham is reconstructed by Kathy as a unique school where the `normal ‘ merges with the strident echoes of the strange . With stirring subtlety , Kathy ‘s narration gradually paints the backdrop of the world they used to belong-and in away-still do in the present .Through Kathy ‘s detailed recount , the reader discovers that the children /students at Hailsham were orphans who were made to donate their body parts and organs . Kathy ‘s remembrances also bring the reader to the innocent and deep friendship she fostered with Tommy and Ruth at Hailsham as well as their enduring adoration for each other . Although the novel delves on the mysterious and the sinister , the tone of triviality dilutes it . This is a distinct literary style Kazuo Ishiguro is known for he muffles the themes of his stories and the inner struggles of his characters underneath the layers and pads of regularity and obscurity . Kathy , the leading figure in the story ,although trying to make sense of her existence and that of her friends through her recount of their days at Hailsham and their lives after , she does so in a manner that is understated and almost with an air of nonchalance . Kazuo Ishiguro infuses his works with this literary technique in order to avoid startling and overwhelming the reader with the `heaviness ‘ of the themes . Through strained modulation and piecemeal revelation of details , the reader becomes a participant , a sharer in the heartaches and the self-discovery of the protagonist instead of a mere spectator and passive observer . Hailsham , the source of much of the story ‘s conflict , is recreated by Kathy as a place that at once embraces and isolates . At the start of the novel , Kathy remembers Hailsham with fondness , telling her donor patient , Ruth , about the easy , laidback lifestyle she recalls to having enjoyed with her friends . In Kathy ‘s own words :“About our guardian , about how we each had our own collection chests under our beds , the football , the rounders , the little path that took you all round the outside of the main house , round all its nooks and crannies , the duck pond , the food , the view form the Art Room over the fields on a foggy morning (Never Let me Go p 5 .As Hailsham shelters those inside with comfort and odd sense of normalcy , it creates at the same time an invisible barrier between the school and the world outside by setting itself different from the other educational institutions . Through its culture of seclusion , Kathy and her pals find themselves alone , isolated in their togetherness . Even in their adulthood , away from…

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