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Persuasive speech to encourage recycling

Name Professor Course /Subject Date One World – The Only One Livable World Introduction I would like to point out that we have only one world – one world that can be considered livable by mankind . There may have been other explorations around the solar system that make it their mission to find if there are still other planets where Man can live – and so far , there is none . Aside from scientific glory and curiosity , there have been other reasons as to why people are endlessly and painstakingly exploring the boundaries of human realms and trying to discover if there are still other worlds where we can live in . Why is this the case ? Is the Earth not enough ? This is most likely due to the fact that people are becoming aware of unnatural events caused by Mother Nature herself – the catastrophes and calamities that seem to affect everyone in a global scale . Environmental terms that have long existed in our vocabularies have now taken a new meaning and have now presented itself with new forms of emotions – fear , anxiety , trepidation , and even frustration . These terms like global climate change , global warming , rising sea level , and others are now common and understood by most people . It could only mean one thing – that the one world that we have , the only one livable world that we are living in , is turning for the worse and may eventually be gone .If people are to destroy this Earth , then where would Man be living in…

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