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Professions for Women

Name Professor Subject Date Professions for Women : An Article Analysis Introduction Virginia Woolf ‘s speech “Professions for Women ‘ is a speech intended for The Women ‘s Service League in 1931 . Having Virginia Woolf as the speaker and writer of the piece already says a lot about the content ,not to mention the title of the speech itself . She was supposed to talk about her professional experiences as a novelist . Professional women at the time of the speech were clearly few in number , and most women were still under an extreme patriarchal society .Analysis of Professions for Women Instead of the typical speech about a professional life , Woolf preferred to speak about a personal dilemma of being a professional woman instead . In her speech , she discusses two predicaments in her life as a writer . The first one is the trouble of a recurring fictitious character of the Angel in the House . She describes the character to be “intensely sympathetic . She was immensely charming . She was utterly unselfish . She excelled in the difficult arts of family life . She sacrificed herself daily (Woolf 301 . Clear in her descriptions , she is not fond of the Angel in the House which is why she keeps on terminating her . The angel would always lurk behind her every time she writes . She keeps on reminding her that Woolf is a young woman writing reviews about works of men , so she ought to be tender , gentle , and always flattering in her words . The Angel in the House apparently…

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