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Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs

Name Professor Subject Date Sex , Drugs , Disasters , and the Extinction of Dinosaurs The paper starts with the debate on the definition of Science . Stephen Jay Gould argues that science “is a fruitful mode of inquiry ‘ and not a list of conclusions , and that the conclusions are the consequences ,not the main idea . Gould is disappointed with the fact that people tend to mix theories from methods . He then moves on stating three theories about how the dinosaurs became extinct – Sex , drugs , and disasters .Gould also makes it clear that the extinction of dinosaurs is not a separate problem all together , a lot of species also became extinct . The doctor has a point , it just so happened that dinosaurs are popular species thanks mostly to Hollywood .Sex – because one theory states that even if the dinosaurs can tolerate increased temperatures , the testes of male dinosaurs can only function at a limit , when the temperatures became too hot , the dinosaurs became sterile . Drugs – another theory about the extinction of dinosaurs is the overdose theory , it states that dinosaurs suffered from poisoning because they couldn ‘t taste the bitterness in these toxic plants nor they have the liver to process them . Disasters – the most popular theory is the one which involves a comet or meteor colliding with earth and the dust clouds it create blocked of the sun , dropping the earth ‘s temperature and rendering photosynthesis impossible . What the author is trying to say is , all these are theories and need further study…

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