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stay-at-home mom better for children vs. working mothers and children in daycare

Name :University :Course :Tutor :Date :Introduction Mothers play a very significant role in the growth and development of their children thus it is very important for mothers to spend considerable time with their children to ensure that they grow up well in an environment that is filled with love care and protection which can only be well obtained from their mothers who should love them unconditionally . While this may be quite easy for the mothers who opt to stay at home with their children , it might be a dream beyond reach for the moms who opt to leave their children behind with either maids or other care takers . Such children will receive much less care love and attention from their tired moms as compared to those children who are staying at home with their moms . This therefore , means that children who stay at home with their parents are more taken care of than those who are left behind to be taken care of by other care takers (Lewis , Para 3 .Arguments for moms who remain at home with their children A working mom is likely to be less absorbed significantly with the child ‘s activities since she is not spending quality time with the child , the attachment between mother and child will less and thus the child is likely to develop a culture of regarding the mom as a very important factor in his or her life . The child will not view the mom as a role model to its…
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