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The Place Where I Was Born by alice walker

The Place Where I Was Born by Alice Walker The essay written by Alice walker entitled “The Place Where I Was Born ‘ made me realize about things that happened in the past . The Nostalgic experience of the character is somehow similar to what I went through after transferring from one place to another . Letting go is really hard but this is what makes us grow as individuals . People come and go but memories will last forever . The difficulties of life are intended to make us better not bitter .From the essay I suddenly feel incomplete because of something that I have lost from the past . Growing up in a place where you came to know more friends made me sleep every night with a smile on my face . I am always looking forward for the next day to play with then during noon at the nearby park of our village . Not until the day that my father told me that we need to relocate because of his job . I was sadden by the news and what I did is run towards my childhood friend ‘s house and knock repetitively . Upon seeing her opening the door I tightly embraced her and cried on her shoulder . I told her about the bad news and we end up crying together . It was a heart breaking scene when it was time for us to leave . But then letters and phone calls were made promised by me and her to continue the bond of our friendship . Being nostalgic on my past , I also remember the old rock in the park where me and my friends used to play . I can compare that rock to myself being a strong and tough individual . But then that rock also serves as my source of strength because whenever I end up being scolded by my parents , I run towards that rock and cry . I end up pushing that rock and putting all my sentiments into it . It was my comfort zone until the day it was removed by the park authorities to set up new sets of playground equipment . I am really disappointed upon loosing the rock out of my sight . I went home and locked up inside my room and burst tears of sadness . It was a secret untold even to my family because I know they will laugh at me about my longing for that rock . Now that I am grown up , my quest for answers are still at hand . There is nothing permanent on earth except change . In order for us to grow we need to meet people and go to different places . At the end of the day the ones we should remember are the happiness imparted by the person and not the sad separation that occurred…

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