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The role of gods in The Ramayana

The Role of Gods in Ramayana Name Subject Professor Date Outline I . Introduction Discussion that serves as preface for the entire content and discussion of the paper II . Gods as providers Laid out the proofs wherein the god-characters in the story Ramayana acted as providers for the human beings , particularly blessing King Dasaratha with a gift from the gods .III . Gods and their role in political intervention This part discusses the role of the gods in the story as central characters that exercised political intervention in the realm of the human beings .IV . Gods as the guide towards truth , light and what is right This part discusses the role of the gods as the guide of the human beings towards finding the right path towards righteousness and salvation .V . Gods as central characters This part of the paper is focused in the significance of having the central human characters as the incarnation of gods themselves ,therefore improving the role of the gods in the story even more .VI . Conclusion VI . References Introduction The important and significant major religions of the modern times are always with epic stories that narrate the adventures of lead heroes and heroines and how they are blessed by the gods , and sometimes how gods in some occassion directly interfere through incarnation or by revealing themselves to a person or to a group of individuals . These stories are always with moral lessons . The role of the gods in the story is always essential because the stability of the faith of the people who believe in religion as much as it venerated these texts rely on the presence of a god to help make their faith work . Ramayana , a Hindu epic tale , tells of the story of a young man destined to become king who battles demons to save the woman he loves and restore the order in his kingdom upon his return . While at the onset of the story it may seem that the story is hinged largely on the efforts of the mortal character , a deeper and further reading of Ramayana will reveal to the reader the extent of the role of the gods in this particular literary piece and the significance of the roles that the gods played here .God as providers One of the roles of the gods in the story Ramayana is the role of the provider . Like the role of the other different gods , either found in the literary or as central personalities in real-life religion , the king Dasaratha raised to the gods his concern about the need to produce offspring so that his lineage will continue and someone from his bloodline will inherit the throne . The gods ‘ action of granting the wish of King Dasaratha by providing the king with a bowl of nectar which the queens consumed and resulted to their pregnancy and the birth of four heirs to the throne showed the role of the gods as the provider for the human beings , particularly the provider of a future…

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