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The role of media in our daily life.

The Role of Media in our daily life Media has a huge role in our lives it influences our daily activities and also shapes our history . One of the most important roles of mass media is the news and announcement broadcasting . It keeps us up to date about the latest news , trends and even the weather reports everyday . The media is a very powerful socializing agent almost 90 of all household have TV sets in their houses a larger percent has their own radio . Media is also used for trade and advertising . Many business groups use the television as their main advertising system . It is also used for traffic updates so that we can avoid that long and stressing line of cars . The media is also our window to other countries and is the chief agent of globalization . Because it is very powerful , it is also the responsibility of those people working in the media to use it carefully and wisely . If the broadcasters don ‘t look closely at what they are airing on the TV , it could be a bad influence for children and us teenagers . We base most of our knowledge on government news updates , not experience (unless our parents are politicians . We are dependent on the media for what we know and how we relate to the world of politics . We read or watch political debates followed by instant analysis and commentary by “experts ” So in short , the media are our eyes to the world . Media is a very powerful change agent . What we see in the television largely influences our beliefs and in turn , this also affects our behavior and how we turn out as a person . Some questions that we should ask are : Does TV has too much sex and violence ? Are the news media biased ? Have TV talk shows gone too far with their sensationalized topics ? Should the content of Internet be regulated ? Mass media should be aimed for the human improvement it should be devoid of lies and untruthfulness that could affect our generation ‘s future . And also as a high school student , I should be more discerning and critical on what I watch on TV or it may end up harming me .References :Alexander , Alison and Jarice Hanson . Taking Sides . Mass Media and Society . CT : Dushkin / McGraw-Hill . 1999…

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