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Why are some people more successful than others in college?

Why are Some More Successful than Others in College ?2007 There are several reasons why there are some individuals who are more successful than others in college . Some of these are the following : The first is known as “inadequacy or excessive self-confidence (Smith , 1923 . A college student whose self-confidence is inadequate may jeopardize his or her college career as he or she may fail to develop the skills or assets that he or she already possesses (Smith , 1923 . On the other hand , he or she may also fail to finish college if he or she is too self-confident (Smith , 1923 . For instance , a student who is too confident may become too complacent , then he or she will engage in procrastination , which we all know , will consequently lead to too much stress , low quality work , as well as , poor performance on examinations (Smith , 1923 . Procrastination which brings about cramming in turn results in a low or even a failed grade which may sometimes end in quitting college (Smith , 1923 . Confidence , then affects the success of an individual who is in college (Smith , 1923 . Another reason why some are more successful than others in college is that some are involved in alcohol abuse (Cape , 2006 . Everyone is aware that alcohol results initially in the following : 1 ) blurry vision 2 ) extremely slow pick up 3 ) impaired memory 4 ) speaking difficulty and 5 ) walking difficulties which clearly depicts that alcohol negatively affects the brain (National , 2004 . In addition to that ,depression , dizziness , hangovers , nausea , and sleeping difficulties may also occur as a result of drinking alcohol (National , 2004 . The aforementioned will surely affect the student and may affect his or her success in college (National , 2004 . Third , some students are more successful in college as compared with others because there are some students choose to do drugs (Cape ,2006 . Let ‘s take for instance , amphetamines , when taken in , it may bring about : 1 ) abnormal blood pressure 2 ) addiction 3 ) anxiety problems 4 ) extreme irritability 5 ) extremely high fever 6 ) loss of appetite and weight 7 ) paranoia 8 ) sleeping difficulty 9 ) violent behaviors and 10 ) etc (White , n .d . If a student exhibits such characteristics or behavior then he or she will end up not being able to properly function as a learner , he or she will sooner or later have problems with his or her grades . Those who are not into drugs , however ,are most likely to be more successful than those who engaged in it . Fourth , some students have behavioral problems (Cape , 2006 . This is why some students are more successful in college . Let us take ODD or Oppositional Defiant disorder as our example wherein a student exhibits the following characteristics : 1 ) always bitter and always defies rules 2 ) extremely eager to argue with older people 3 ) exceedingly touchy 4 )hot-tempered towards authority figures 5 ) intentionally aggravates other individuals 6 ) never accepts his or her own mistake , 7 ) instead blames somebody else for it and 8 ) very disobedient and defies any request (Focus…

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