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how human activity negatively affects many ecosystems throughout the world

Running Head : Negative Effects of HUMAN ACTIVITIES How Human Activities Negatively Affect the Ecosystem Full Name School Professor ‘s Name Class /Course How Human Activities Negatively Affect the Ecosystem In various ecosystems , negative changes have been seen as consequences of human activities . Specifically , these various activities of people have been observed to contribute directly and indirectly to the negative changes and implications in one of the major ecosystems , the marine ecosystem . This paper suggests that many of the human activities employed in the environment , specifically the marine ecosystem , yield multiplicative detrimental effects .It is said that humans have a high influence over ecosystems , and the various activities they make alter the environment ‘s conditions (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment , 2003 . According to Hylland (2002 ,there are many different perspectives that could affirm the impact of human activities towards nature . However , in purely simplistic illustrations , human activities that involve physical disturbance ,release of harmful chemicals , and other destructive forms cause serious effects such as a reduced biodiversity . Physical disturbances such as trawling , large scale fishing , or coastal construction prevent fish and other marine species from staying in their original habitat . This means that these marine fauna are displaced from their habitat which may have been destroyed or changed beyond recovery by drastic fishing activities made by man . Similarly , the marine ecosystem may not only be lessened because of the displaced marine organisms , but it is also possible that an eventual decrease in the population level of these organisms may happen . This could trigger…

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