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compare and contrast the roles that ethics and laws ply within organizations

Introduction It is a discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad , right and wrong and it also applies to any system or theory of moral values or principles . The normative ethics seeks to set norms or standards for conduct . The subject of ethics consists of the fundamental issues of practical decision making , and its major concerns include the nature of ultimate value and the standards by which human actions can be judged right or wrong . Ethics is important for any profession , they are the basis for the rules of the profession without which it is impossible to set standards that regulate the exercise of the profession and distinguish it from amateurism . There is a set of ethical principles and of professional standards that have that have been recognized and accepted by most organizations . However the free and unregulated market can work to the benefit of all , both providers and the users , only if it is guided by the principles of ethics . Where the search for profit and indeed greed is allowed to reign supreme , the majority always suffer . It is advisable to rely more on ethical standards to regulate our behaviors . In order to provide a quality service to their users and thereby to the purpose of their profession then one should ensure that :there is maintenance of good relations with their colleagues and their clients uphold the technical standards that are essential to the proper exercise of the profession attract new qualified interpreters into the profession maintain decent levels of remuneration that quality deserves .Importance of the roles of ethics and laws It is a good indicator of high levels of corporate , and hence , employee ethics is how well employees protect their company ‘s assets . Employees treated with dignity and respect , who take pride in their organization and its ethics , tends to respect the assets of that organization . One of the most evident indicators of the employees ‘opinion of their organization is their conduct at the work . Employees who have respect for their organization and co- workers will avoid such practices as : padding of labor charges and expense accounts personal long distance phone calls on company accounts untidy work areas , break areas and the rest rooms taking office supplies home excessive breaks or sick days and improper use of copy machines and computer equipment .There are many forms of theft in addition to the lost supplies in which an employee with little self- or organizational pride can subject that organization to losses in time , production , overhead charges ,initiative , professionalism , customer respect , reputation , attitude ,spirit and drive . Every one in the organization can have an important role to play in creating an environment where people are valued as individuals and treated with respect and dignity , fairness and equality ,where people perform with unquestionable ethics and integrity and in such environments , employees pride blossoms and theft losses disappear (Schwartz (2005 . Sometimes the most damaging acts are not the most obvious this is because the work relationships , productivity , job satisfaction…

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