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DATE : October 5 , 2006 TO : Board of Directors , Pechanga Casino Entertainment Center FROM :SUBJECT : Red Cross Blood Drive Despite being responsible for half the nation ‘s supply of blood and blood products , the American Red Cross ‘ supply for donated blood has fallen dangerously low . Although during highly publicized disasters when people are eager to help out by donating blood , it is a fact that in calmer times , only 5 percent of eligible donors think of donating blood .Donated blood certainly helps many people . A young girl named Melissa for example , was diagnosed with multiple congenital heart defects and underwent her first open-heart surgery at one week old . Now at 5 years old , she used well over 50 units of donated blood , and she would not be alive with out them . The local Red Cross Chapter is calling out for blood donors and is willing to take its Blood Mobile to corporations , restaurants , beauty salons or any place willing to host public blood donation drives . Just last year , Pechanga successfully hosted Toys for Tots Drive . I suggest that Pechanga Casino Entertainment Center take advantage of this and host our very own public Red Cross Blood Donation Drive . This would certainly provide a positive publicity for Pechanga Casino Entertainment Center . In relation to this , we are seeking the Pechanga Board of Directors ‘approval to host the public Red Cross Blood Donation Drive and conduct the said activity during work hours . As the slot machines and gaming tables are usually full , hundreds of employees are on hand and people who have never visited before might come down to donate blood . Although the local Red Cross will be providing all the materials , we will also need to provide bottled water , orange juice and snacks for the donors while the Pechanga Food Services can successfully handle the promotion and the blood donation drive . I have attached a detailed report of the costs involved for the Blood Donation Drive . Please let me know by memo or e-mail before October 7 whether you approve of the said activity .Thanks…

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