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The lost of a cultural identity

The Lost of a Cultural Identity A wave of immigrates coming from different countries has reshaped American culture and level cultural differences between the nations . In spite of great positive changes in racial relations and assimilation practices applied by the government , some critics admit that Americans lose their cultural identity and self-determination . The lost of cultural identity reflects in politics and language , communication patterns and choice of residential areas . Minority rights movements and cultural assimilation processes cause the lost of cultural identity and uniqueness of the American nation . Modern American culture consists of European , Asian , Latino and Arab traditions . Many of the ideas held by the immigrants and those that they generated very soon after their coming to the United States , combined with many of the existing ideas of the Native Americans . Religion ,environment , ethnicity , regional adaptations , and the idea of the individual are all to come out of this combination . Seib (2004 , in the article `The News Media and the “Clash of Civilizations , explains that there are few of the world ‘s groups not represented in the United States . America is a multicultural society affected by diverse cultural influences and traditions leading to “devaluation of citizenship , and the “denationalization ” of American elites (Huntington 2004b . In the article “Dead Souls : The Denationalization of the American Elite ‘ Huntington (2004a ) explains that the new kind of perception is tied to the belief that immigrants who come to America tend to keep their traditions intact , adding their contribution to that of others to produce whatever American culture might be . Other Americans suggest that this process has resulted in an America that is different from any other culture by virtue of the very diversity that has produced a diverse population (Seib 2004 . Americans generally recognize that diversity is a major characteristic of the United States and its culture . This generally means regional , racial , and ethnic differences , all of which are usually referred to sub-cultural differences . On the other hand ,cultural diversity causes isolation of whites and blacks , Latinos and Asian groups . For instance , some racial groups avoid living in certain states afraid of racial discrimination and negative attitude of neighbors . In some regions , there are a lot of double written signs in Spanish and English , Japanese or Chinese and English . Asian and Hispanic food has become a part of American culture penetrating every city and region . These trends unveil that the American nation loses its cultural identity because of assimilation processes and strong cultural influences of diverse cultural groups .Many critics and researchers admit that it is difficult to define the notion of American culture and identity because of a variety of influences and cultural groups (Razack , 2005 . On the one hand , many Americans see their culture as defined by some ideas tied to freedom ,politics , economics , change , and its contradictions . The United States as “the land of the free ” is certainly one of the main themes that members of this cultural group will relate to the outsider . The idea of freedom is tied…

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