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an experience that caused you to learn something about yourself

my experience 2004 Several months ago I participated at training “Effective communication . Actually , I didn ‘t think it will be useful for me ,because I wasn ‘t a shy person , who doesn ‘t know what he wants from life .I didn ‘t have some special problems in personal relationships and in communications with my friends /teachers /family /etc . Still , my friend invited me to visit this training and I agreed . Let it be , – I thought ,- maybe I ‘ll find something interesting there , – who knows . To tell the truth , it was very useful for me and I ‘ve learned a lot of interesting things about myself which helped me to communicate with other people more effective .After that training I understood that if I remain myself (if I ‘m not changing myself ) I ‘ll be happy and I ‘ll always be able to find way out from any difficult situation . The main aim is not to be afraid of yourself , to love and to accept yourself as you are . Unexpectedly for me I found out that I always was unsure in my actions , I was self-confident but only to some extent and very often after I took some decision I tried to think over , what could happen if I acted in another way . I mean that I learned to look at my problems in simpler way , and then after I realized that actually I don ‘t have any problems . I understood that when the person is “opened , people like him and they strive after him . You don ‘t need to be afraid and to hide your feelings , and then people start to understand you . Some of my fears from childhood disappeared now in many cases I can control my aggression towards the other people .I was able to determine aim in my life , my internal state of mind changed into more vivid and confident . Communication with other people became more opened I started to control my feelings . I learned that everything in my life depends on me , not on somebody else . That there are a lot of great possibilities , I only have to open my eyes and to reach them . Before I was loosing confidence in stress situations , and now I ‘m able to control my feelings . We made different kinds of tests and I understood that I like to clash with my friends and that I don ‘t show to people , who are close to me , feelings expressing my good attitude to them . I received practical knowledge in the field of understanding of human emotions and problems I learned a lot of facts about myself with help of self-analysis and from opinions of other people . It was the unique experience for me and it helped me greatly in my life . PAGE PAGE : PAGE 1 my experience DATE : September 05 , 04…

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