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micro lending institutes in Ethiopia in alleviating poverty and ensuring sustainable development for women

Name Lecturer Date Research Micro Lending Institutes in Ethiopia in alleviating poverty ensuring sustainable Development for women Table of contents ,Research background Ethiopia and its poverty Political and institutional representation of women Gender inequality and injustices against women International feminist theories History of Ethiopia Causes of poverty and political problems in Ethiopia Micro finance institutions in Ethiopia Role of Micro finance institutions in alleviating poverty and creating sustainable development in Ethiopia Constraints facing Micro finance institutions Gains made through women entrepreneurship and empowerment Success of Micro-lending institutions in lending to women Conclusion Works cited Research background Ethiopia ‘s poverty ranks among the world ‘s most tragic cases . This pits Ethiopia among the world ‘s most poor nations . Through Micro Lending Institutes in Ethiopia there are ongoing processes and efforts aimed at alleviating poverty ensuring sustainable Development for women as the primary modus to alleviate poverty and ensure sustainable development in Ethiopia . Using empirical data and ongoing micro lending processes we identify the commitment and progress of these activities and evaluate the role of both the Micro lending institutions in Ethiopia and the women in poverty alleviation and the ensuring of sustainable development . Through identification of factors leading to poverty and those hindering the provision of micro lending services , a clear picture of the role of micro lending institutions is identified , recommendations and other respites to improve the services and enlighten the Ethiopians on poverty alleviation is made essential . Agriculture , as the main economic activity in Ethiopia has played a major role in sustainable development through sustenance of the population by providing food and healthcare amenities . Various risk sharing methodologies amongst households in Ethiopia in their purge for better agricultural practice and various informal credit transactions within these households and communities have provided models for micro finance services . Through this data , various aspects of poverty in Ethiopia and opportunities of using this data to create apertures of alleviating poverty are identified . Based on findings about sharing risks among informal networks in Ethiopia , panel data shows that various social networks in the Ethiopian rural community have their own informal credit transactions aimed at helping each other in facilitating various socio-economic activities and sustaining them throughout (Ayalew Daniel (2004 )37 . Ayalew argues that ,“there is compulsion by various aspects of the Ethiopian community to stifling micro lending services while there are a horde of factors that facilitate the need for micro credit (Ayalew 3-4 . The Amhara region of Ethiopia has been able to achieve over half a million micro finance clients (Gobezie , 2-4 . Evaluation of the micro finance services and the impact of this huge clientele are necessary .This paper seeks to identify both impact of micro finance services to the women and the role of these micro lending institutions in alleviating poverty through lending to women . The various factors leading to women being the primary target of micro lending and their role as the key aspects of poverty alleviations efforts need to be realized and assess so as to realize both pitfalls…

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