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The Climate of the World during the Little Ice Age

The Climate of the World during the Little Ice Age Introduction Climate is defined as the set of all aspects of all weather that when combined , affect a particular area in a given span of time . This span of time may last for several years , decades and even centuries . Looking at a region ‘s climate gives an overall account of that region ‘s weather patterns . However , there do exist fluctuations in these patterns . These fluctuations are a result of minute changes in the different factors affecting weather . Daily changes regarding temperature , humidity and wind are some of these . Most of these fluctuations follow a general pattern , hence their predictability . Seasonal changes , are an example of these . Just as the components that make up climate are capable of fluctuation , it would interesting to observe if long-term climate change can occur in a given region . This paper will delve into the historical phenomenon called the Little Ice Age , which affected the Northern hemisphere as well as other parts of the world from 1450 to 1850 A .D .Little Ice Age is a term that denotes a period in history where a marked decrease in climate temperature was observed in different geographical regions , particulary in Europe . This phenomenon spanned several centuries , approximately between the year 1450 to 1850 . The Little Ice Age consisted of a decrease in temperatures at an average of 1 degree celsius . This resulted in ice creeping downwards unto regions of the northern hemisphere , which raised sea levels in coastal areas and caused anomalies in the climate .There are a myriad of difficulties in fully quantifying any investigation relating to a climate change in a given region spanning decades , even centuries . More so if the phenomenon ioccured during a time when modern meteorological measurements were unavailable . To delve into a historical account of such an event , data inevitably comes from existing historical accounts of the area . These data would then have to be interpreted in light of today ‘s meteorological knowledge .Historical accounts supporting the occurrence of the Litle Ice Age are numerous . However , the phenomena occurred long before scientific and technological knowledge allowed for a comprehensive collection of measurable data . Thus , although evidence supporting its exstence exists ,no definite cause can be established regarding the occurrence of the Little Ice Age .Historical data that have been used in investigating the little ice age comes in various forms of historic records that reflect what life was and more significantly , what the various aspects of weather was like during these times . Among these are accounts coming from personal experiences , records that depict weather like almanacs , maps , and even works from art and literature .This paper aims to give a comprehensive understanding of the little ice age , its effects and causes , it globality , and its relevance in today ‘s climatic condition .Historical observations An analysis of historical records during the time span between 1450 up to 1850 has shown several accounts of how the temperature has dropped and its corresponding weather effects…

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