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The effects of Globalization on underdeveloped countries – A focus on the Telecommunications sector in the country of Belize

Running Head : Globalization and telecommunication in Belize Globalization and telecommunication in Belize [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page .1 Abstract .3 Introduction .3 Need for the Study .5 Research Questions .5 Purpose of the Study .5 Literature Review .6 Economy of Belize .7 Telecommunications sector .11 Research Methods .21 Scope of the Study .22 Research Questions .22 Content and Analysis .23 4 .1 Globalization and economic development of Belize .23 4 .2 Globalization and BTL .28 4 .3 Globalization and welfare of people .36 5 . Recommendations .41 6 .Conclusion .42 7 .References .4 3 Globalization and telecommunication in Belize Abstract Globalization has been a positive and negative force for many countries .Belize has witnessed tremendous opportunities because of the advent of globalization . It has opened the economy , privatized its industries ,liberalized trade , and linked with the international system . It has also been negatively affected by global warming , weather changes , crime ,violence , inflation and huge foreign debt . The Belize Telemedia Limited is the main telecommunications organization of the country . This paper studies how globalization has helped the economy , people , and success of the dominant telecommunications company in Belize .Introduction Technology has changed the way we live , communicate and do business .Technology tools are used to purchase goods and services using the internet . These advances have changed the way governments will provide services to people and agencies . Telecommunications consist of services and technologies which facilitate communication and exchange of information . It is considered to be critical to the development process .It provides links between urban and rural areas . It can overcome distance barriers which hinder the development of remote areas . Access to information is the key to many development activities .Telecommunications remains an underdeveloped field in many developing countries . Despite extensive progress of the past decades , access to telecommunication remains limited while being non existent in many rural regions . New technologies can assist countries in extending their access to telecommunications at a lower cost . The aims of governments to change their telecommunications also create new opportunities for people living in remote areas . Belize is a country which is located in the Caribbean islands . It became independent in 1981 . Belize Telemedia is the main telecommunications company of the country . The government of Belize has been focusing on modernizing the infrastructure of the country . The economy is mainly dependant on tourism , oil reserves , sugar exports , and shrimp exports . The lack of proper infrastructure has contributed to a lack of development in the rural areas of the country . The country has embarked upon a program of economic liberalization which aims to alleviate the poverty of the country and diversify its economy .Belize Telemedia Limited is the name of the state company which provides telecommunication services in the country . The market was heavily regulated and controlled by the government until 2003 . Despite economic liberalization , BTL continues to enjoy domination and monopoly in the telecommunications market . The government and regulatory bodies continue to collaborate in order to enhance the structure of the…

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