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What is your philosophy of recreation and leisure?

Philosophy of Recreation and Leisure With today ‘s changing and modernizing world , many people have constantly sought opportunities for break and relaxation of their tasks and responsibilities at work . It is through this that today ‘s societies have created various alternatives and means to create different experiences aimed at creating a sense of fulfillment and happiness . It is through such notion that every individual develops his /her own sense of philosophy concerning leisure and recreation .My Philosophy : Recreation Given the challenges that I had to address in my education , sometimes having fun in the middle of the term is one approach that can lead to vital outcomes for different individuals . Seeing this , I feel the importance of indulging into holidays and other activities as a mode of alleviating and relieving stressful elements brought about by the challenges in school . With this , I believe that my philosophy in recreation is involving myself into activities that will enhance my experiences and alleviate the stress and anxieties that I am feeling . I believe that recreation has its own relative effects among individuals . “Researches and findings have shown that recreational activities have health or mental benefits and help in the development of psychological and social tendencies of individuals (Ihezie , 2008 . It is only a matter of how individuals create these experiences and what level does it affect them . Recalling my personal experience , on one summer break , I had the opportunity to go kayaking with my friends at a certain place in Colorado . It was a good way to spend the summer and have fun with my relatives and friends . On one hand , I felt that the experience indeed satisfied me and my summer vacation . However , some of my friends who joined were a bit skeptical about the whole experience . One mentioned that the place is too boring for his preference and wanted a more challenging place to go kayaking . On the other hand , one friend of mine who also joined us thought that the experience was not the way and had to literally stay in the cottage and rest . With these ,it can be argued that perceptions are a vital component in the way people view recreation . There may be practices and activities that are appealing to some but may seem dull and boring to others . Another important aspect of my philosophy in recreation is the ability to create opportunities to communicate with other people . I believe that for one recreation to be meaningful it must not only be fun and cater to the bodily needs of an individual , it must also facilitate better opportunities for interaction and mingling with other people . It is through this that I can understand better how to communicate and create opportunities of interaction among people . It is through such thing that we become to understand our various roles in society as a whole .“Through early childhood experiences we learn the advantage of trying to see the situation from the perspective of others (role-taking , using that information to anticipate…

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