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Future Trends in Health Care and Human Services

Future Trends in Health Care and Human Services 2007 How do you think digital technology will impact Health Care or Human Service in the next ten years ? Digital technology will surely be of great help to the Health Care System or Human Service in the next ten years (Simpson , 2004 . For instance , if later pervasive computing will exist , access to much needed data immediately , anytime , anywhere will be made possible (Simpson ,2004 .What new technological devices might be developed ? There are a number of technological devices that may be developed in the future and these are the following : First of all are those technically referred to as the “microtechnology and nanotechnology electronics (Allan , 2002 . Examples of which are those called microrobotic grippers and tweezers that will allow surgeons to carry out an operation involving the smallest parts of the body (Allan , 2002 . Second is the “micro-array lab-on-a-chip ‘ which will assist medical physicians to immediately examine fluids , cells , as well as , DNA structure right then and there (Allan , 2002 . This is very helpful since it guarantees prompt perfected detection of the protein sequences that make a difference in unambiguous illnesses especially that which concerns vital organs like the brain , eyes , heart , kidneys , liver ,lungs , etc (Allan , 2002 . Last but not least is the “implantable brain probes ‘ which records the neural actions occurring (Allan , 2002 . It gives the doctors the opportunity to take a look at the “simultaneous interactions occurring between brain neurons ‘ to be able to successfully treat various mental and other brain disorders later on (Allan , 2002 .In what new ways will technology impact the day-to-day operation of Health Care and Human Service agencies ? There will be changes in terms of “doctor ‘s treatment , laboratory activities , emergency room , diagnostic devices , therapeutic equipments ,implantable drugs , disease-targeting medicines , etc (Allan , 2002 .Everything will be carried out promptly , detection of illnesses will be easy , treatment will also be guaranteed and will be a breeze as well (Allan , 2002 .References Allan , R (2002 . Medical Electronics : Technology Advances Will Revolutionize Healthcare .Electronic Design , 50 (20 , 64 .Simpson , R .L (2004 . Where Will We Be in 2015 . Nursing Management , 35 (12 , 38 – 44 .“_Future Trends in Health Care and Human Services ‘ “Page PAGE 3…

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