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Why I want to pursue an MHA(Masters of Health Administration) degree and why I want to obtain it from WSSU(Winston-Salem State University).

Personal Statement Health is undeniably the most significant factor in one ‘s life . People spend a large sum of money in order to ensure their good health . Thus ,in my desire to be a partner of my fellowmen in taking care of their health , I decided to pursue a Master ‘s Degree in Healthcare Administration . I specifically chose to undertake a Master ‘s program in Healthcare Administration because of my willingness to address the various problems of the healthcare industry . Moreover , by completing the program , I would be likely exposed to numerous opportunities for self-development , as there are various areas where a graduate of the program may work which are not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling , such as pharmaceutical companies , health insurance companies , public health agencies , and other financial institutions . Aside from being inspired to help the society , I am also confident that I am suited to be in the Healthcare Administration because of the skills and knowledge I have obtained and developed and my commitment to be active in the healthcare services . As healthcare administration deals with the management , planning , and evaluation of health , policies , and services , I am aware that the profession requires extensive training ,wide experience , and a high degree of professionalism . Nevertheless , I believe that such requirements can be achieved through education ,exposure , and experience of considerable extent in the healthcare field . Notably , I finished medical coding program which is essential in the degree program . Despite having a GPA of lower than 2 .0…

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