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Compare and Contrast the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

Name :Course :University :Tutor :Date : Russian and the French Revolution The last three centuries have witnessed radical changes in the world ‘s political , social and economic system . This is a period that has evidenced a number of revolutions whose effects have reverberated to almost the whole world . It is a period that would see the search for liberty and equality reinvigorated . The French revolution refers to a period in the late 18th century that would witness tumultuous political and social happenings that would lead to a change in the governmental structure inspired by the enlightenment principles . The Russian revolution on the other hand witnessed the overhaul of the Tsarist regime and the system of governance paving way for the Bolshevik party and Vladimir Lenin whose leadership actualized the maxims of Lenin-Marxism . This is a revolution that would under , Lenin and Stalin ,propel Russia and the USSR into global leadership .There are a number of similarities and differences that exist between the Russian and the French revolution . Key to these similarities would be the centrality of peasants and the magnanimous role they played in both revolutions . While both may be having the same causes , it is notable that during the revolution , France was not at war unlike Russia that was deeply involved in the First World War . The outcomes were also different with France leaning towards democracy as espoused in the enlightenment while Russia was structured and yoked deeply into communism (Helmolt 120 .One notable similarity between the French and the Russian revolution is the economic crisis and the endemic corruption that rocked both nations .From the early 18th century , France had experienced a boom in commerce improving greatly its economy . It had become one of the most developed nations in the world after the Great Britain , becoming a leading exporter of products such as coffee to the Caribbean . This prosperity however was not trickling down to the common man . France had been experiencing a rapid population growth that was matched appropriately by an increase in food production . The ranging competition from Britain was leading to a flooding of the French market with cheap textile products hurting the local producers . The financial crisis was exacerbated by the inherent inefficiency in the France ‘s government . No concrete plans were executed to aid the ailing economy . The government was led by an uninformed belief that additional revenue was required to cope with the slump . The government was deeply in debt considering the role it played in the American Revolution using money borrowed from the aristocrats .This left the government with one sole option of gaining revenue taxing the common people (David 34 .France had been operating without a legislature and the system was prone to excesses as there were no checks and balances . Fiscal and monetary operations were run through the selling of the royal titles . This one had one great disadvantage as it exempted the purchasers from taxation .This led to the government being virtually bankrupt and yet the monarchy did cut…

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