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should gays be allowed to marry

Introduction The United States Constitution provides that each person is afforded with the right to association , right to freely exercise their religion and the right to marry . However , these protections by the Constitution is not which do not recognize marriages of the same sex . According to same sex advocates , their right to marry is hampered by the fact that there are no federal statutes which recognizes the legality of marriages incurred by gay and lesbian couples . Most of these couples who do get “married ‘ have done so under state statutes which allow same sex marriage . Since there is no exact federal statute that embraces same sex marriage , gay and lesbian couples from states which do not recognize and allow same sex marriages are banned from getting marriage licences nor applying for one . It is a fact that the “family ‘ is the basic unit of society , composed of two individuals living together , cooperating in order to nurture and care for their children , whether their own or adopted . And yet despite this definition of the family , there is really no exact definition as to what these individuals should be . Gay and lesbian couples are admittedly not in essence what the general public see as a family .According to the accepted norm of society , a family is composed of a man and a woman together with their children . Thus , a male couple who adopts children in order to build a family is not in essence a family . The issue of gay marriage has been a controversial one as it brings into focus the Constitution ‘s provisions on a person ‘s right to marry ,which marriages are allowed and which are not . From a political standpoint , the issue of same sex marriage may be determinative of an individual ‘s position and future in the political arena . Indeed , the issue of whether gays should be allowed to marry is not just a question of political views but of the Constitution ‘s essence and the scope of protection it can provide to its citizen .Background Gay couples and their children admittedly live in families and have slowly gained recognition in society for the past several decades . This began in the early 1970s when gay couples sought for the application of marriage licences . They also asked the courts to allow either one partner to adopt their children or other means in order to concretize their union or partnership . As the 1980s entered , more and more gay couples were recognized in their domestic partnerships among private companies and various cities . As the 1990s evolved , gay couples and their families ‘ efforts were strengthened towards the recognition of their families and the couples ‘ legalized union .However , most of the attempts to legalize gay unions were often met with hostility in courts and states that does not recognize and allow same sex marriage . In the case of Baker v . Nelson in Minnesota , a gay couple argued that since there was no specific language in the Minnesota statute banning the same sex…

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