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To what extent is objectivity possible or even desirable in the study of history?

Order No . To what extent is objectivity possible or even desirable in the study of history ? Objectivity must be the desired at all cost when it comes to recording or studying history but given the human limitations in an imperfect world , the possibility of attaining a degree of the same must be subject to the reality of human bias as the imperfect historian-human person tries to live in this imperfect world . This paper posits the above statement as a way of expressing the extent the possibility or even the desirability of objectivity in the study of history . Jenkins looks at any historian ‘s work as a literary construct ,where he argued that a work of history includes the historian ‘s own world view and ideological positions with about past events . This evident in his definition of history when he said , “History is a shifting , problematic discourse , ostensibly about an aspect of the world , the past , that is produced by a group of present-minded workers . whose products , once in circulation , are subject to a series of uses and abuses . but which in actuality generally correspond to a range of power bases (Jenkins , 1967 ) Jenkins ‘ part of history ‘s definition which states “products once in circulation , are subject to a series of uses and abuses ‘ connotes the wrong use of history by certain powerful groups for whom the history was written and therefore there seems to be lack of objectivity on history which is presumed to be recorded by the writer . Jenkin ‘s may in effect be arguing that every historian will lose credibility when the questions are asked : “For whom is the written history hence he is assuming the historians are actually biased and that no historian will right it for the sake of the objective truth . This researcher respectfully expresses a great deal of reservation with the observation of Jenkins ‘ with such since he was not able to adduce proof that every writer of history would do it for money . But if Jenkin ‘s insinuation does extend to a historians having a bias for or against a certain group of people at the time to writing , then this researcher could not lend a degree of agreement on the basis that humans could not be perfect and their views could always be loaded with emotions at the time of writing . From another perspective , it may be argued that American history has already a predefined meaning to the American public and it clear that any disruptive work that disapprove of traditional theories of knowledge would be deplorable in the doctrine of American historiography . “What is History (Carr , 1967 ) is such a kind of work that doubts a fact-based nature of history and instead prescribes as a replacement an interpretative , interdisciplinary theorizing on history ,hence it is not wonder that Carr ‘s work that American historians have ignored and forgotten in America in general for reasons as stated .Carr ‘s work is just a historical object and a killjoy from the Cold War…

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