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principles of information systems in business and organizations

Baselinemag .com Site Review Summary Description of its Structure and Purpose The website of Baseline Magazine is an online resource of information technology options and solutions . It is designed to introduce an integration of equal amounts of information , news updates , and advertising to the business world . It does not adapt the usual marketing strategy of advertisers where they customarily bombard the website with commercial advertisements in every corner , but the website is structured to inform , update , and eventually sell their merchandise . Because of this , the objective of motivating clients and consumers to purchase advertised products are subtly embedded on the website . In other words ,urging business corporations to purchase products is their primary concern , however it is presented implicitly as it is trying to put up a front as an information resource website .Overall Look and Feel and Apparent Target Audience There is a professional feel to the website . It gives you the inkling that the site is only accommodating to the professional and the business sector . It is presented in a formal , genuine , meaningful , business-like fashion . The links that are featured are for management , supply ,security , and other business enterprise concerns . Its intention is purchases done in bulk and by high-scaled income consumers , such as businesses proprietors and the likes . Personally , I think that students and the younger generation would not attempt to browse through the links of the website . Probably , except for the job advertisement provided in the website which is accessible to the undergraduate level .What You Find Useful about this Site The software recommendations that are provided for purchase in the tools section is probably the most useful information in the website .However , they are only practical and functional to businesses and companies that are in need of information technology solutions . In addition , there are no software presented in the website that can be downloaded for free , only limited access like trial versions are set up for online clients and a selection of purchasable software that can only be accessed once paid for by the online consumer . The information that you can only access for free are the news links , information , opinions ,tips for management and enterprise planning , and similar types of information .Links that you Intended to Follow-Up The links that are the most interesting would have to be the web buyer ‘s guide . Popular brand names , business corporations , and partner establishments link to the website to provide full access of information to their merchandise . There are keywords that are linked to the website where you can search suitable terms that fit your particular requirement . Clicking these links would redirect you to a list of companies and other websites that are capable of offering you what you need .Other Interesting Things about the Site Other interesting things observable on the website is the job link where you can post your resume and search for numerous jobs available for you . It is a helpful tool for college students who are in need of jobs and financial…

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