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The Causes and Effects of the Spanish Inquisition.

The Spanish Inquisition : The Motives , the Persecution and the Aftermath Introduction The mention of the Spanish Inquisition would bring up images of torture , cruelty and oppression by the Catholic Church . Some even consider the Church as the “forerunner of the secret police of modern dictatorships (Lemieux 44 . Accuracy regarding the picture of the institution and the actions they have radically made to fight out heresy and unbelief in the land is examined to determine as to the extent of justification can be awarded to the church . The historical context of the Spanish Inquisition has a number of different versions from different authors one can only try to reconcile their differences in a general outline of the purposes and motives of the inquisition , the historical development of the Inquisition , the methods of operation and punishment and the aftermath of the Inquisition . There are a lot of different views regarding the Spanish Inquisition .Some see it as a ruthless means of “imposing religious uniformity and eradicating any traces of heresy from Spain (Lemieux 52 . However ,some can see it as an “apparatus for strengthening royal power ‘ or as an educational tool for the Catholic citizens of Spain (Lemieux 53 . It can also be perceived as a cultural decay (Lemieux 53 . The origins of the Inquisition had something to do with religious and racial differences that were resolved by the stronger entity by massive persecutions . The Inquisition played significantly a huge factor why Spain was tat was exclusive to Catholicism as Jews , Muslims and Protestants made up the majority of the victims of the Inquisition persecution (Lemieux 53 . The Inquisition was considered as an ecclesiastical tribunal that aimed to discover , punish and prevent heresy in the land (Manhattan 37 . It was established first in Southern France by Pope Gregory IX in the year 1229 . According to him , “truth has rights whose demands must be upheld and promoted in the interests of secular no less than ecclesiastical justice . Error has no right and must be abandoned or uprooted (Manhattan 37 . The Spanish Inquisition was considered as a noble and holy responsibility of the Catholic Church .Motives and Purposes The Spanish Inquisition was established in the year 1478 . It was done to create a court to detect and punish heretics (Don Quixote .org ,Spanish Inquisition . Even if the whole thing remained loyal to the purposes that it started with , the process and everything that surrounded the Inquisition was somewhat ambiguous (Don Quixote .org ,Spanish Inquisition . The original intent behind the Inquisition was the complete annihilation of the Albigensians (Manhattan 37 . It was seen as the start of series of massacres of heretics throughout the Middle Ages (Manhattan 37 . It was widely feared because of the ferocious methods used against those who are suspected of heresy (Manhattan 37 . Those that doubt the dogmas of the Catholic Church and those that dared to test the authority and truth of the Church as well as those who rebel against the Pope ‘s authority were considered guilty of heresy…

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