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Legal Implications of Being a Nutritional Consultant

Legal Implications of Being a Nutritional Consultant Introduction Nutrition is among the present society ‘s number one needs . Aside from the fact that the nutritional knowledge of the people living within the society right now is indeed deteriorating , the role of nutritional consultants in assisting the society get a say with what they need from the governmental provisions especially concerning ample distribution of food is an essential factor contributing to the progress of the present human society . Certainly , from this , it could be noted that through ample application of the rules and regulations behind the job of a nutritionist , the global problem in nutrition application may as well be reduced or at best , it may even have a chance of being completely abolished . What is it that makes the people in this particular career seemingly important and mostly appreciated by the society ? What is the nature of this career that particularly makes it one of the most important jobs given stress within the human society ? These particular questions shall be discussed within the context of this paper .The Nature of the Job Nutritionists or Nutrition consultants are involved in creating possibilities in assisting the people within the human society in becoming nutritionally aware of their needs . Health is wealth . This is the usual saying that supports the major responsibilities that are vested upon the shoulders of professional nutritionists . Among the many people within the human society , only 43 actually get the correct amount of daily nutrition that is needed by the body to be able to sustain itself for bodily repairs and personal care procedures that the human body itself could take care of . There are different reasons behind the factual reports regarding nutritional issues that are submitted for public knowledge purposes . One reason could be the fact that the poverty line , especially among developing countries hinders the human population from actually being able to acquire the right nutrition that they ought to receive . This issue particularly spurs out from the fact that because of the population-boom that is globally experienced at present , scarcity of resources increase thus making it impossible for the governments to equally provide nutritional measures to both the ones who could afford buying the scarce resources and the ones who could not even afford to buy a single meal for a day . The role of nutrition consultants in the situation narrated above is certainly described with high regard to their responsibility of helping in the education of the society regarding their nutritional and dietary needs as well as their role in helping in researching the best possible ways to equally distribute the food resources of the present human society among all the population around the world . To add up to the said description of the job of nutrition consultants ,Phoenix University , an online-based educational institution describes the career of nutrition consultants as :“Dietitians and nutritionists are health professionals who study and apply the principles of nutrition and food management . There are several kinds of dietitians and…

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