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Risk-Bearing Devices and Real Property

Running Head : RISK-BEARING DEVICES AND REAL PROPERTY Your institution Your name Course name Course instructor March 19 , 2009 Question One Mr . Young should acquire the unemployment insurance that temporarily compensate income to eligible workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own like through mass or seasonal layoffs , work shortages etc and one should be willing and ready to work . The whole amount is paid by employers who are covered hence there is no deductions which are made from employees paycheck . Mr . Young can apply for the employment benefits once he has paid into the employment insurance account and he becomes unemployed hence would receive regular benefits . He may also receive maternity /parental , sickness , compassionate benefits etc . For Mr . Young to be eligible for the benefit , he should have been without job for at least seven consecutive days and in the last 52 weeks since his last claim . This is known as the qualifying period . Mr . Young should have also worked for the required number of the insurable hours which are based on the unemployment rates in the economic region at the time of claim filling and also where one lives . An individual does not receive any regular benefits if he /she voluntarily decides to quit employment without any just causes or whenever one has been fired due to misconduct . This unemployment benefits would enable Mr . Young to repay the loan incase he losses employment .Question Two The collateral refers to the property in which the loans borrowed are…

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