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A Father`s Story

A Father ‘s Story – Andre Dubus : A prycis .The Eucharistic ritual of tasting bread and sipping wine is one that every Catholic would be familiar with – even those who claim to be secular – like the central character of Andre Dubus ‘ `A Father ‘s Story .This is the story of a father , Luke Ripley , and his father , god . The Eucharist – and rituals in general – he says , are like “dancing to a tongue-tied man ‘ – they give him an alternative mode of expressing his love . Rituals lend him the comfort of being in touch with god even though he doesn ‘t know the conventional language of spirituality .Luke Ripley is a middle-aged man who is just learning to live life after surviving a broken marriage . His life is mainly stark save for three elements : his friend and partner in theological debates priest Father Paul , his occasional “moments or minutes of contemplation ‘ during Mass , and the annual visits of his daughter Jennifer .At the very outset , Ripley makes it very clear that he should not be considered a spiritual person . He does not contribute towards the Sunday collection in church , and is critical of the ostentatious dycor of churches . There is nothing Catholic about contributing towards what will essentially go into decorating buildings , since that is all this money would go into , he thinks . Instead , he chooses to feed the poor , though is fully aware that his efforts are merely a drop in the ocean . Still ,“it ‘s better to feed somebody than not ‘ he says .He never once mentions these acts to his friend , Father Paul , since he believes there is nothing vastly generous about giving money and does not want his friend to harbor any misconceptions about his being a “good ‘ man . “Being a real Catholic is too hard and were I one , I would do with my house and barn what I want the Pope to do with his ‘he says .He has also questioned the Catholic principals about sex and the law against birth control , yet never strongly enough to really act against it . After his wife leaves him , he endures all the pain and suffering that a broken marriage entails – an empty bed , a bare house and a promise of a lifetime of loneliness – except on two occasions , when he does falter from the path of celibacy . He gets angry thinking that he ,unlike Father Paul , never chose that path of his own volition .However , despite all his doubts and deliberations about religion , he finds great comfort in the divine . He does have his flaws and is no true Catholic like he says , but god is what brings order into his otherwise troubled – and somewhat empty life . Despite being lazy , he wakes early for an hour of silence . While performing his daily chores , he has conversations with god and offers prayers to him . It ‘s not very easy getting up so early but offering prayers – earlier a “habit ‘ and now a “ritual ‘ for him – and keeps him going…

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