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Abortion, exploratory essay

Should abortion be legalized ? Another controversial topic to date is abortion . It has been the subject of debate for a long time between many religious groups , human rights activists and health care practitioners . These groups have contrasting and varied opinions on the topic depending on what side of the argument they take . Looking at the situation , if human life is to be valued , abortion should be legalized . This may seem ironic but abortion has medical benefits . In some situations , the health and wellbeing of the mother would be at risk if the pregnancy should continue and terminating the pregnancy is the only viable way so that the mother could be kept out of harm ‘s way . On another aspect , the baby inside the womb could be suffering from an illness , deformity or any other birth defect and being born would only cause much suffering for the child (Abortion Should be Legalized . For many pro-life activists , a pregnant woman should not be allowed to have abortion because of an ethical issue of ending an unborn child ‘s life . They also suggest that even if the baby would only be put up for adoption , the mother should persist with the abortion anyway . This would give an opportunity for couples who are unable to have a child to get an opportunity to adopt one (Abortion Should be Legalized . Abortion should also be legal for unwanted pregnancies caused by sexual abuse . Victims of rape should be given the right to choose whether they want to continue with the pregnancy caused by such incidents because these kind of pregnancies would remind victims of the abuse they have gone through .This could result in mental , psychological or emotional problems for the mother (Abortion Should be Legalized . Also , when the child is born ,he /she could be neglected because the parent does not want the child . Completely legalizing abortion could have adverse effects as it may increase the rate of premarital sex , the rate of unsafe sex and prostitution . To cushion this possible effect , abortion should not be granted to all who want it . It should be regulated by law and be granted only as a right only for those cases wherein the health and wellbeing of the child or the mother would be compromised , pregnancies caused by rape and other similar cases of abuse . If the couple wants abortion for no particular or valid reason and they can support a child , the abortion should not be granted . However , according to one study done by Gilda Sedgh of the Guttmacher Institute in the United States with his colleagues at the World Health Organization (WHO , whether abortion is legal or not in a country does not necessarily affect the rate of women who undergo abortion methods .The study examined abortion trends in 1995 to 2003 and it was discovered that abortion rates were equal in both developed and underdeveloped countries . The study also found out that half of abortions worldwide use unsafe methods (Associated Press . Abortion has been…

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