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Character Essay-A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell

A Jury of Her Peers By Susan Glaspell Character Analysis 2006 Outline Martha Hale A woman who never left things unfinished .Character description Physical Details Emotional detail III . Martha Hales thoughts and feelings Why How Guilt IV . Supporting Characters Ideas Support Attitude V . Conclusion Page 1 Martha Hale showed true initiative for just being a mother and farmers wife . She was a strong women living in a male dominated world .In her life , the family structure was most important . However , guilt ensued following a death that she felt she could have prevented . She did not like to allow things to go unfinished . The thought of leaving items in disarray gnawed inside her . Martha Hale could not bear to witness a home with articles incomplete . The author portrayed her as an extremely occupied woman . Nonetheless , she took time and dropped everything she was doing to help a friend . Hale , in one afternoon ,journeyed from a respected housewife and friend into covering up a crime . The character , Martha Hale , is not described by physical words .There is , however , underlining imagery that represents her . When Hale is visualized , the picture that comes into mind is a built , sturdy woman . She is a farmer ‘s wife and a mother . Her hands are completely full throughout the day . Hale is illustrated as a large but energetic woman . She is able to take the tasks she needs to complete in a day and see that they are accomplished . Her eyes are wide and can speak without words . Hale is a strong , vital woman . The author shows from beginning to end how her physical appearance changes and even grows . Martha Hale has a very avid personality . The start of the story ,she was dynamic . Hale was willing to drop everything , which she dwelled on , to come to the aid of a friend . She was quiet , yet very opinionated . Most of the outlook that she held was kept to herself .Martha demonstrated visible disgust at arrogant comments . However , she held her tongue the majority Page 2 of the time . She is fabricated to seem mellow and easy-going . Nevertheless , as the day unfolds , Hale becomes excited and distressed . Her personality noticeably transforms during the day . When Hale leaves in the morning , she is hurried but has a bright attitude . Until she begins to think about why and where they are going . This act makes her nervous and a bit uneasy . She starts to contemplate the events of the adventure . The author , Susan Glaspell , presents Hale as a determined woman , ready to face the day . When they arrive at the Wright home , an overwhelming feeling of a terrified sensation washes over Martha . She is so scared to enter the home she freezes at the doorknob . This feeling derives from not having entered the house before . Even more so , from the fact that she has wanted to but the family felt gloomy . This feeling made Martha sad and did not want to put her in that position . In recent years , the…

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