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Compare/Contrast Two Poems

Your Name Your Professor ‘s Name Title Date Robert Frost ‘s poem “The Road Not Taken ‘ and Sylvia Plath ‘s “Mirror , both reflect the idea of wanting something else other than what you have in the present . In “The Road Not Taken , Frost ‘s character literally came through a fork in the road , and the traveler wondered had he taken the other road , would his life be any different ?While Plath ‘s Mirror talked about a woman looking at herself in a mirror and seeing things she ‘d rather not see . By looking too hard the woman ,according to the narrator (the mirror ) despised what she had seen . In the point of narration , Frost ‘s narrator is an stranger on the verge of making a decision , and contemplating on the bearing of each road , while Plath ‘s narrator is the mirror itself , stating what it can and can ‘t do (unmisted by love or dislike , and saying only what it sees (whatever I see , I swallow immediately . With regards to time or setting , Frost ‘s time suggests autumn unlike Plath ‘s where it loosely suggests winter because of its gloomy attitude , or perhaps , spring , because there ‘s still a clear lake where one can see his or her reflection . While “The road not Taken ‘ was set probably on a countryside , where there are grasses everywhere and some roads are left unused , whereas , “Mirror ‘probably takes place in a secluded room (in its first stanza ) and then by the lake (second stanza . Now the images reflected by Frost ‘s poem is a man worrying about what should have happened had he chosen another road . The one always traveled by many . He is standing in a road diverged in a wood , or , in a road diverged in two . Considering what options to follow , he was looking at one road , used by many and the other rarely used because it was grassy and wanted wear . Finally , with much though he chose the road less traveled by and let go of his desire to know what could have happened if he chose the other road . Unlike Plath ‘s imagery ,where the mirror was the one recounting its detailed observations , of a woman looking at it , very intensely , with tears and agitation of hands .In this poem , the woman was looking at herself in the mirror , and as time goes by , her reflection in the mirror changes , over and over again .This reality was hard for the woman to accept , because once she was just a little girl , and now , over time , she became an old woman .In conclusion , Robert Frost ‘s “The Road Not Taken ‘ and Sylvia Plath ‘s “Mirror ‘ are entirely different poems by itself , neither one sticking to reality of day to day living but instead both aimed to dwell in self-reflection , Frost in his “what-ifs ‘ and Plath in her “self-observation through the mirror . In addition to that , they are both fantastic poems created by amazing poets of all time .Works Cited…

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