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Intercollegiate Athletics and Ethics

Jeremy Bottlinger 3 /12 /07 Classical Argument Mr . Hutchinson Intercollegiate Athletics : Devaluing Education ? Placing college sports above scholarship harms all students and damages the integrity of the university . Simply put , college athletic programs create a double standard for students by elevating students who play sports above the rules , simply because they have proven their athletic abilities . This occurs in three ways : lax admission policies for athletes , professors changing the standards for athletes , and a lack of integrity among students and athletic administration regarding schoolwork . Scholar Brad Wolverton writes , “In the next two months , more than 400 colleges are expected to ask the NCAA for leniency as the association hands out penalties to teams that have failed to graduate at least half of their athletes within six years (41 . The NCAA and college administration offices themselves are beginning to crack down on intercollegiate athletics programs across the country . Although some believe that athletics are important in the college world , more students than ever are taking advantage of the system by putting games and practice before scholarship . College sports are an important part of the However , scholarship should be the primary focus . College graduates are expected to have a certain amount of knowledge about their chosen field ,and they are expected to be able to apply this knowledge following graduation to contribute in the real world . While some college athletes go on to play professional sports , and thus sports are their career , the athletes that are not recruited are left with underdeveloped and insufficient skills . They are then unable to compete in the workforce .Therefore , not only does this structure of placing sports above scholarship hurt the college , it eventually hurts the players as well . Seniors in high school who play sports and hope to play at a college level feel the pressure of recruiters and sports administration who come to high school games . Coaches have no roots in the academic system for a school in most cases . They only care about having a winning team . In fact , their salaries depend on it . Wolverton writes , “The commission notes that a growing number of institutions are petitioning the NCAA to allow freshman athletes with low grades and poor standardized-test scores to play college sport (41 . When a coach sees a player that can help the team , their first priority is to help that student gain admission to the school at whatever cost .Writes John Sibley Butler in “It ‘s Not Academic – It ‘s Competition ‘On one hand , test scores are established as a criterion for admission to the university , but on the other hand people who bring to the university a certain skill (which is not in the overall criteria for the university ) may not meet the expected standards .Indeed , it is this reality which produced the `loophole ‘ which allows some student athletes to enter the university with scores significantly different from other students (263 )College admission offices are feeling the pressure from coaches to lower standards , offer scholarships , and accept sub-par applicants…

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