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Short Story Response

Triumph by CLR James The story Triumph by CLR James is about a group of women in Trinidad and Tobago who are impoverished . A conflict with one of them broke the friendship . Triumph comes from one friend supporting the other . James showed readers the social milieu and culture in Trinidad and Tobago ,doing so by telling the story in a semi non-fiction way . James started the story with the setting ‘s context . I like this style because it is effective readers are able to have background knowledge of the setting that would help them in understanding the story . James explained first a short history of the place and the traditions that were practiced in the capital . He then moved on to an example life , a representative if you will , of the people during that time . James explained that despite the disappearing culture , and the seemingly dull life that comes with it , life in Trinidad and Tobago can still provide great moments . The author is suggesting that despite the poverty of the people , life , by all means can be every bit as great as it was during the “carnival ‘ days . James was also keen to show that even the already poor state of the citizens of the barrack-yards , the people are still conscious of their sub-classes . It was shameful to cook hog head ,pig ‘s tail , or salt-fish (poor parts as it were ) on Sundays . Sundays were the days of showing off to the neighbors by cooking desirable meat parts outside their apartments . Religion and social responsibility are other aspects tackled by James . Celestine , a religious woman thought it was up to her to take care of Mamitz because she believed that Irene was sort of cursing her . She gave Maditz a religious bath that would supposedly cleanse her of this curse . Although Celestine may have done this not Triumph is a good depiction of the social setting in Trinidad and Tobago during the time it was written . The author was able to express his message and show how ordinary people ‘s lives were at that time .Reference James , CLR . Triumph Triumph PAGE 1…

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