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Should sex education be taught in public and private schools? Is it appropriate? Why or why not?

Should Sex Education be Taught in Public and Private Schools ? Sex is an intrinsic part of man ‘s being . Accordingly , everything connected with it , sooner or later , forms part of man ‘s knowledge and experience because it is unquestionably one of life ‘s requisites . As toddlers , in time , discover the use of their hands for grasping and their feet for walking , children inevitably learn about sex . Hence , if parents find it necessary to show toddlers what and what not to grasp to avoid singeing themselves and teach them how to walk without tripping and getting hurt , they should also undertake to do whatever is necessary , including seeking help from all quarters , in order to guarantee the safety of their children when it comes to sex . Sex education , therefore , should be taught in public and private schools to support and supplement the efforts of the parents in educating children and adolescents about sex , its benefits , especially the dangers that it entails . Whether parents and school authorities support the idea of teaching sex education in school , children and adolescents will learn about it from friends , classmates , from television shows and advertisements , from popular music , and from the Internet . Even animated movies , children ‘s books , teen magazines , and comic books and strips depict sex in different forms and styles . Sex education , therefore , is readily available through the so-called “back door ‘ The danger with this process , however , is the disorganized flow of information which often leaves children and adolescents confused and grossly misinformed .For those young people who become captivated and thrilled by the intriguing messages that they get , this confusion and misinformation regrettably result to teen pregnancies and abortions , the spread of sexually transmitted diseases , promiscuity , juvenile delinquency , even broken homes . Others who are turned off by what they hear and see develop a negative attitude towards sex , believing it to be dirty and immoral . Either way , sex education through the “back door ‘ is disastrous not only to young people but also to their families and society as a whole .What , then , is the best course of action ? Should unfounded and irresponsible sex information be allowed to continue to filter through and poison the minds of children and adolescents , creating a sick society in the process ? Or should parents and school authorities work together towards a truly organized , systematic , and fact-based sex education in public and private schools and aim for a morally-healthy and principled citizenry ? Faced with such choices , it does not take much to make a pick . Level-headed people are expected to always arrive at sensible conclusions . In this case , the only sensible solution is to teach sex education in public and private schools . In other words , let sex education in through the “front door ‘Whether parents and school authorities opt for the “comprehensive sex education ‘ or the “abstinence-only-until-marriage ‘ approach , the two viewpoints dominating the current debate on the subject , the incontrovertible fact is that sex education has been proven “beyond reasonable doubt ‘ to prevent the spread of sexually-related and transmitted…

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