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Give three definitions of `leadership` and three examples of your personal experiences/believes that interfere with leadership.

A leader has the capacity to lead people on a path that has never been traversed by them previously . Another definition of leadership is the capacity to obtain results by utilizing the endeavors of others . A deep understanding of what leadership connotes entails an understanding of the functions , duties and qualities of powerful leaders and leadership (LEADERSHIP , 2004 .Leadership is difficult to understand and define . People have defined leadership in different ways . The former US President , John F . Kennedy stated that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other .Stephen R . Covey , the author , stated that although management was efficiency in climbing the ladder of success leadership determined whether the ladder was leaning against the right wall (Leadership Definitions .Leadership can be categorized as transactional and transformational . In transactional leadership , the leader provides a direction to followers in order to achieve end results . In transformational leadership , the participation of all the members of a team is required in order to achieve the goal . It concerns itself with the process and strategy of the task . The situational circumstances would dictate the variety of leadership to be selected by the leader (Leadership Definitions .Every group of people will perforce throw up a person who will seize the initiative and persuade the other persons in the group to combine their efforts and energies with the motive of achieving some specific objective . In the context of organized activities , leaders are either designated or selected by some form of electoral process . However , in informal situations , leaders arise naturally . Leadership traits are generally present from birth or develop due to interaction with the environment . Another view considers leadership to be a state of mind ,which can be acquired . Leaders have the capacity to generate ideas and facilitate social good . Moreover , their style is unique to a particular situation (Leadership , 2001 .Leadership is situational and it comes into existence whenever the necessity arises . It is difficult to enumerate the causes of leadership because they vary from situation to situation and from one historical time to another (Quotes of the Heart , 2006 .This was evident in the case of Winston Churchill who was a very successful prime minister during World War II , but he was unable to win in the elections that were conducted immediately after the war . His loss at the hustings could be attributed to his being unsuccessful in meeting the demands of the citizens of a post war UK , despite being a successful war time leader (Leader Values , 2006 .The French leader Charles De Gaulle was a great leader who could address not only war time issues but also issues during times of peace . His success was due to his concern for the future of France . The followers of a leader should do so out of their own volition and not out of any compulsion , because leadership based on coercion or duress is bound to fail . Moreover , mutual trust is essential is such a relationship . For instance , Genghis Khan not only gave but also received…

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