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Trace the evolution of management principle from the Classical School to the present

Research Paper Trace the evolution of management principle from the Classical School to the present Trace the evolution of management principle from the Classical School to the present Difficulties have been the tumbling blocks in locating the source and the evolution of management . In the quest of searching its evolution people have made two verticals . One is ruled by the concept of modern conceptualisation that is the modernity and the other is taking back to the days of the Sumerian traders or the builders of the pyramids of the ancient Egypt to keep the communities and the slaves respectively , open to exploitation but motivated yet . As the pattern of managing men changed , the concept of management shifted into the organisational affairs more , keeping the industrial revolution as a yard stick . The paper here reflects the movement of the management thoughts of the former vertical , dealing mainly with the organisation and its work force and its credence to execute in their respective areas . In fact management nurtures on the concept of `necessity is the mother of inventions ‘ where the lack of mechanised records during the pre-industrial revolution era pushed it to refine the complexities of the perpetual journey of the changing management principals through its school of thoughts . Dating back to 6th century BC , The Art of War of Sun Tzu the Chinese general is a military game theory that also teaches the management , the principles of being aware and doing business depending on both own and competitor ‘s strengths and weaknesses , is the core concept of modern day ‘s management principal and practice of SWOT analysis . Further towards the modernity , in 1513 The Prince of Niccolt Machiavelli expressed the principal of leadership by maintaining a fear but the hatred to keep the situation in control . It was the social management for the leadership of Florence , Italy . In the year 1776 The Wealth of Nations of Adams Smith the Scottish moral philosopher created the niche for the principle of specialisation of labour for effective management . It was the production management where Smith ‘s analysis boosted the per day production of pins from 200 to 48 ,000 (Gomez-Mejia Balkin Cardy , 2008 . This is the journey of management in this living world touching all the aspects of it to state that , management is as old as the world , and as new as the moment . It is the industrial revolution that escalated the flow and the type of business and a creative need for the professional mangers .Though , the early organisations like military and church have founded the leadership models , working on which gets the modern managers the creativity to travel through the school of thoughts . Considering the traditional or the classical school of management thought , commonly perceived as the beginning of the management as per the concept of modernity took the then leadership execution into further complexity to solve more demanding situations in the emerging business trends . The Classical school of thoughts came into existence around 1900 through 1920s setting three main principles…

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