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USPS- The Marketing Mix: Products and Branding Strategies

Running head : The Marketing Mix Name :University :Course and course code :Tutor :Date : May 9 , 2009 Product mix The product mix of an organization like USPS encompasses the total range of products and services , that the organization offers to the market place so as to meet the needs and expectations of the customers .Such products are made of product lines as well as the individual products . A product line can be defined as a collection of products within its product mix , which can be considered to be closely related on the grounds that they can function in a closely related manner , and such kind of products are offered to the similar customers through the same distribution channels (Kotler and Armstrong , 2005 . A given product is considered to be a unique component in a particular product line which can be differentiated by factors like size , quality and price as well as the appearance among other product attributes . For example , the products and services that the USPS offers to the market encompass its product mix express mail services , and shipping and mailing services as well as insurance and extra services amongst many other services as the product lines , and products and the postage stamps and services as the product item . At the levels of product line as well as product item , the decisions which are made are those which involve variety as well as depth and the shifts in the product mix (Marketingteacher online , 2008 .USPS The United States postal service is…

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