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Compare and contrast the movie `The Notebook` with the book.

Comparison of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and the Film directed by Nick Cassavetes Many successful novels have disappointed readers when they have been made into movies . Likewise , novels that nobody has ever heard of have become an extremely popular film . Occasionally , both the novel and film version are excellent . The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and its film version directed by Nick Cassavetes have both been incredible successful among both readers and viewers for many reason . The most interesting feature of both the novel and the film is the development of character . Boggs defines this as the “delineation of a single character (21 . The book truly focuses on the characters of Allie and Noah as teenagers , younger adults and elderly individuals . The novel begins by introducing an aged man who calls himself Duke (he is really Noah ) He spends every day reading a story to a woman with Alzheimer ‘s Disease (she is really Allie .During the flashback sequences we see Allie and Noah meet for the very first time and again as younger adults who have been separated by circumstances . The film focuses mainly on the couple as teenagers while the book focuses mainly on the couple reuniting as younger adults . Both treat the element of the aged couple about the same way . The focus of the book is the characters desires , motivations and decisions . This contrasts sharply with the film which focuses more on external forces with work against the couple .Thus , the film addresses The Coming of Age theme from Boggs ‘ book . It represents young people who by some force of nature , event , tragedy etc , are forced to become aware of the adult world and undergo some dynamic change of character (Boggs , 28 . The first part of the film follows two teenagers through a whirlwind summer romance .Unfortunately , outside influences concerning wealth and family force them to deal as teens with adult problems . Allie is wealthy while Noah is not . Clearly , Allie ‘s parents are against her relationship with Noah and actively attempt to break them up , constantly jabbing at Noah ‘s lack of earning potential . The parents finally move their daughter away with the hopes that college will make her forget all about Noah .As their lives wear on , both Noah and Allie are further initiated into the adult world , leaving teen bliss far behind . Noah enlists in the army and must fight in the war . Here , he has to contend with his feelings and guilt about the death of his close friend Fin . He returns home to throw himself into the restoration of a house that in the novel ,he is left the money for from a former employer , and in the book , has been given the money for by his father . Noah seems to be settling for a solitary existence . Allie has to accept her loss of Noah and chooses to marry for comfort rather than seek the love she had with Noah . Their lives continue on this seemingly lonely track .Other characters in…

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