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Does Music Increase Intelligence?

Name Professor Subject Date Music and Cognitive Functioning Introduction Music is an art form and one of the most popular media utilized to convey ideas , views , and emotions . It plays various , significant part in everyone ‘s life . It can calm one ‘s mood and emotion . It can relax a person ‘s tensed body . However , it can also hype and motivate people .Music is also a means that we can use to express our ideas and messages .It can also be an extension of our personality and a manifestation of our identity . The type of music that we listen reflects what kind of person we are . It is often suggested to pregnant women to listen to classical music for it is believed that listening to classical music stimulates the baby ‘s activity inside the mother ‘s womb . It is also believed that listening to music by pregnant women increases the probability that their child will be intelligent . Some students can also study their lessons well while listening to music . The melodies and tunes make the environment conducive to learning . They tend to absorb and understand their lessons well while they are listening to their favorite songs . This idea poses the possibility of enhancing people ‘s cognitive capacity through music .Thus , this paper aims to discuss the relationship of music and a person ‘s cognitive capacity , and whether music increases a person ‘s intelligence .Music Music is an art , a craft , and an organized representation of sounds ,silence , notes , and melodic tunes subjected in a time framework . Music includes a wide array of activities . It could be in the form of a mother putting her child to sleep through a lullaby , a group of kids singing their favorite nursery rhyme , a rock band playing their heart throbbing hits , or simply a person humming unconsciously (Miller 3 . Music is a succession of arranged tones that produce a rhythm (Miller 3 . This definition does not cover the characteristics of music , but it covers the description of the different genres people may be affiliated with . Music is relative and subjective . It conforms to the taste and preference of the person . Music lessons taught us that music is comprised of notes , staffs ,pitch , and voice . These are the superficial discernible characteristics of music . These are the things you will learn in your music class . Music has different forms in various cultures , and it is experienced by individuals through different ways . Music has two subdivisions based on culture . These are the “high culture ‘ and “low culture ‘ types of music . High culture music is eminent in U .S . and Europe . This type of music includes the music of the western world formed during the different periods – Classical , Baroque , and Romantic , among others . It is considered as the art music and is performed in the concert halls and churches . It is treasured by people in the conventional music industry . The other type of music includes the contemporary kinds of music like jazz , blues , country , rock , pop , etc . Nowadays , the…

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